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2020 Top Product Award from Environment + Energy Leader


A superior product that hits the mark relative to energy savings standards worthy of recognition.”

Magnation Water’s Turbulator product is a patented inline, no-salt water softener that the company says doesn’t require any chemicals, electricity, or maintenance as soon as it’s installed at a main pump, the bottom of a well, or an incoming main line. The Turbulator can treat hard water problems, including preventing and reversing mineral scale, reducing pumping costs by as much as 42%, and saving billions of gallons of water across industries that include agriculture, landscape and turfgrass irrigation, industrial, and residential use, according to Magnation Water.

As the company explains, water molecules bond with minerals and gasses in naturally occurring conditions to form water molecule clusters – also known as hard water – with high surface tension, which causes excess friction during the movement of water. The Turbulator pulls apart the bonds that keep the gasses and minerals trapped in the oversized water clusters, and then polarizes the liberated molecules, the company said. This polarization prevents molecules from sticking together, mitigating scale formation and biofilm as well as preventing the cavitation that allows bacteria to flourish.

The Turbulator inline water treatment system relies on physics rather than electricity or chemicals to achieve results. It mimics nature by creating rainlike water, reducing chemical contamination, improving soil productivity, crop yields, and plants as well as reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, according to Magnation Water. With this product, surface runoff, evapotranspiration, and percolation are no longer problems and each drop of water becomes more productive, the company said.

One of their agriculture customers commented, “In a typical year in Central Nebraska, we pump seven acre inches of irrigation water on our corn crop on a quarter-section pivot. With the field- proven conservative 25% savings in pumping requirements, once Turbulator is installed, the amount of water we save annually is huge.” A residential community in Colorado reported saving 10 million gallons for their fields and irrigation, and a school district in California said that using the Turbulator improved moisture retention by 251% and used 50% less water.

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