Hear What Our Customers Have To Say.

Almond grower has better water penetration

“Better water penetration.”

Ben Schroeder, Almond grower, Wasco, California

Seed separation for easier planting with Seed Maximizer

“Reduction in electrostatic and separation of seeds for easier planting” 

Bolthouse Farms, Lancaster, California

Improved soil health and plant vigor in Kansas pivot irrigation

“We have a Magnation system installed on our pivot; corn looks really good! I’m convinced that the Magnation system is helping our soil. I’m very happy with it.”

Bruce Miller, Zenda, Kansas

8-10% yield increase in winter wheat, corn

“Better 8% to 10% ($7000) net gain in winter wheat. Healthier stands in our corn; I’m happy to recommend Magnation to our local farmers.”

Nate Meile, Meile Farms, Hugoton, Kansas

Increased new growth and yield with one irrigation

“19 bale increase on our 10 acre controlled trial. Increased new growth and yield with one irrigation.”

Peter LoBue; LoBue Farms, Los Baños, California

Better infiltration, 10 bu/ac yield boost

“On our winter wheat we had a 10 bushel difference on 100 acres: 95 bushels with Magnation unit, and 85 bushels in our control field. We noticed better infiltration and greener plants.”

Shane Grevins, Chapman, Nebraska

Better quality onions, better soil penetration & balanced pH

“Our onions look great this season we’re noticing better soil penetration. Our soil pH is definitely heading in the right direction on the treated field.”

eff Schmiederer, Schmiederer Farms, Mendota, California

Greener pistachio trees with Magnation

“I’ve noticed greener pistachio trees where I have installed the Magnation system than the rest of my fields.”

Sam Fisher, Madera, California

Better water penetration and pH for Almond trees

“I’m getting better penetration and my almond trees are looking great. I also noticed my pH dropped from 8.0 to 7.3. My wife is impressed with the plants around the house.”

Fred Scott, Atwater, California

From worst to best performing field

“Our worst field has become one of our top performing fields. We’re recommending Magnation systems to our neighbors.”

Paul Harker, Beryl, Utah