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Drinking Water

How it works

Magnation water technology transforms hard water into pure drinking and cooking water by decreasing the surface tension and viscosity of the water, and revitalizing it with more dissolved oxygen. Simply pass water through Magnation filter-less device and experience the difference.

Healthy benefits

Drinking Magnation water builds healthy skin, cardiovascular health, healthy joints and muscles, and effectively cools the body. Better hydration with revitalized, life-giving water, with accelerated detoxification, and more nutrition in your base of smoothies, soups and pastas. And things just taste better.


Magnation Technology requires less maintenance than a water softener, and extends filter replacement intervals for home RO systems. It is a onetime purchase, no monthly fees and it’s eco-friendly.

Product Features & Benefits

• Healthier, life-giving water for drinking and cooking

• Salt-free water softening

• Zero maintenance

• Zero electricity

• Zero by-products

• 2-year money back guarantee

• Install once and you’re done for a decade

• Eco-friendly

Healthy Drinking Water

Magnation water technologies transforms city water, tap water and well water into pure drinking water in the home.  The technology breaks down the particles of hard water to smaller particles held in solution and optimizes the flow.  As a result, you have the best water for your personal drinking water.

A Magnation water system in the home supports healthy drinking water and wellness.  Magnation delivers life-giving hydration and more dissolved oxygen, leveraging physics to invigorate electrons and increase bioavailability with better pH balance to support better health.  Water that offers higher dissolved oxygen content stimulates the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut, where your immune system lives. With beneficial flora supported in your intestinal tract, understanding the impact of how dissolved oxygen supports a healthy microbiome is a game changer in your personal health, and collectively our global health.

Magnation drinking water in your home adds healthy benefits to your skin, your cardiovascular system, your joints and musculature, your kidneys and much more.

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Healthy and Efficient Water Solutions for Applications Throughout Your Home


Clean produce more effectively with soft water. Boil food in healthier, life-giving water to invigorate your soups, pastas, rice and more. Enjoy cleaner dishes and glassware with less hard water spots, too!

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Drinking Water

Better tasting coffee and tea, hands down. We guarantee it.

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Ice Machines

Better tasting ice. Better water, ice tea, lemonade and cocktails. Never underestimate the flavor of your ice!

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Lather more easily, cut soaps in half, reduce chlorines, and enjoy a luxuriously soft water that keeps your skin and hair at its healthiest. Less residue makes for easy cleaning, too.

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Cleaner and brighter linens. Cut detergents in half with more soluble, soft water. Gentler on the environment and your pocketbook. Fancy that.

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Happy House Plants

Bioavailability of water nourishes your plants from the root zone. Keep them happiest with high quality water by Magnation.

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Swimming Pools and Water Features

Reduce chemical investments with improved solubility. Balance pH with less inputs. Solve algae blooms in water features. Keep pumps running smoothly with less energy.

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Nutrient dense homegrown food is one thing that’s earned. Why not irrigate your garden for the healthiest soils you can achieve, naturally? Your harvest will yield healthier foods with stronger plant vigor.

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Water Heater

Did you know? Tankless water heaters failed after only 1.6 years on hard water. On soft water they maintained original factory rating with 34% less energy. Gas water heaters are up to 24% more cost efficient with soft water. Electric water heaters can accumulate as much as 30 lbs of rock shortening its lifespan.

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Car Washing

Better clean, better shine. No more hard water spots on your ride! Keep those neighbors guessing.

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The Magnation Value Proposition


Maintenance free

One-time installation. Zero consumables or filters to replace. Eco-friendly.


Energy Conservation

Membrane-free, passive inline solutions require zero electricity to work.


Salt free

Paradigm shift: physics to solve water problems.

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