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Transform your water quality with Magnation’s innovative localized Turfbolt to a more vibrant, productive and energized state. Eliminate dry spots and improve soil infiltration, improve moisture retention and boost soil health—resulting in better quality and denser, safer and greener turf with 20% less water.

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• Hand watering

• Sprinklers

• Golf courses

• Sports turfgrass

• Landscaping

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• Single stage treatment for sprinklers & hose handwatering

• Made with aerospace anodized aluminum, 316 stainless steel or PVC

• Passive, in-line system with modular configuration

• Chemical-free

• Zero by-products

• Zero electricity needed

• Maintenance-free after installation

• 2-year satisfaction money-back guarantee

• Proudly designed and made in USA with 100% US materials




• Improved water penetration & moisture retention

• Condition soils with no wetting agents

• Improved turf density & uniformity

• Solve dry spots with zero chemicals

• Stronger roots and plant vigor

• Save 10-25% water

• Easier-to-move water

• Save 10% and more in inputs





The Ambassador

Turfbolt Hose is often the first investment when considering Magnation’s innovative products. It’s a fool-proof way to see the results you’re looking for quickly, at an affordable price.



The best turf is yours

Soil penetration is the key to healthier, denser, greener, and more uniform turf. Dry spots no longer need the cost and labor time to apply wetting agents.

Simply use Turfbolt to improve soil permeability, moisture retention and plant health sustainably.

Try it today! With a two-year money back guarantee, there’s only benefits to come.



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