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Residential Developments


Getting water to where you want is our goal. Magnation water facilitates better foliar absorption, better plant health, greater soil permeability, and better root development. There is no better way to protect your investment. We are especially good at solving hard water problems.


Landscape Design

There is nothing more appealing a residential area than beautiful inviting greenways. Real Estate developments are including beautiful parks for their residents. We ensure grass is maintained at an optimal level with nature’s best source of rainlike water.



All our products promote energy and water conservation.  In fact we are make great inroads in developing products for the home and personal wellness. Now that is exciting. Check out the case studies. You will immediately want to schedule a consultation.

Magnation Water Conservation

• Reduced turf irrigation by 20%

• Reduce pump energy on average by 25%

• Improved soil infiltration and moisture retention

• Reduced friction, better water flow with less energy

• Extended equipment longevity and less maintenance

• Solve hydrophobic dry spots with zero wetting agents

• Reduced inputs and spray requirements 10-50%

• Better color, density, uniformity

• Increased nutrient absorption

• Anti-scale and anti-corrosion

• Increased dissolved oxygen

• Soil desalination

Featured Products

Browse the Best in Water Solutions and Sustainability for Turf Management

Data-proven, Grounds Manager approved

Significantly reduced water hardness (CaMg) • Keeps all equipment free of mineral scale • Hydrogen sulfides (rotten egg smell) • Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) • Bicarbonates (HCO3) • Reduced leaf burn • Algae and biofilm • Boron toxicity • Iron bacteria • Low pressure • pH • Manganese • Nitrates • Limited water resources

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“For the community and myself as grounds manager, the biggest benefit has been the plant and tree health, and the monetary savings. With that extra $60,000 that we saved this last year in our water bill, we’ll use towards a landscaping project that needs some extra love. The water quality is not as hard and it actually knocked down our pH a point two points. The other benefit we’re seeing is we’re not seeing the leaching of the sodium in the soil. With 180 acres of manicured turf and 10,000 homes, this all adds up.” ~ Raul Martinez, Sr. Grounds Manager, Reunion Metro, Commerce City, Colorado

“These units pay for themselves by reducing the amount of wetting agents needed along with offering impressive savings on labor and water costs. Magnation is a must!” ~Ben Poole, Montco Products, Bear Creek, PA


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Best in Class Water Solutions for Turfgrass

Golf Courses

Superintendents around the world trust Magnation for improving their turf management and beauty, with ROI’s to prove it.

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Elite water performance for premium turf quality. Denser, more vital greens with less inputs, time and water. You can bet on it.

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City Parks and Rec

From sports fields to open fields, Parks & Rec Grounds Managers save time when working with better water quality. Trust us.

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Schools and Campuses

Safer, denser, more uniform turf for athletics. Plant vitality for ornamentation, with reduced requirements to keep them looking great!

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Residential Developments

Healthy landscape and aquatics savings while improving the beauty for your community will keep everyone happy, from bosses to families.

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Reduce irrigation requirements for healthier, prettier greens. Zero maintenance, energy or chemicals required. Zero by products, either.

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The Magnation Value Proposition for Water Management


Innovative Water Solutions

Magnation is the global leader in innovative physical water conditioning, correcting and rehabilitating previously unusable or low quality water for healthier soils, planet and bottom line.



Maintenance-free, energy-free and chemical-free. Zero need for electricity, changing membranes or adding anything. Passive inline solutions deliver year after year.


Fast, high and reliable ROI

Typical return on investment is within the first year, then year after year enjoy the water, energy and chemical savings while adding on bigger yields.

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