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Bioavailable and life-giving water

Magnation’s technology makes any water more bioavailable to cells by breaking down large water molecule clusters into the smallest units capable of entering and exiting your body’s cell walls. It more fully hydrates on a cellular level, while delivering greater nutrition and removing metabolic wastes and toxins at an accelerated rate, supercharging your well being. 

Healthy benefits

Hydration builds healthy skin, cardiovascular health, healthy joints and muscles, and effectively cools the body.

Optimal bioavailability and fuller hydration of all cells • Digestive, nervous, lymphatic and urinary systems • Improved plaque removal, breath and oral health • Improved athletic performance • Accelerated toxin removal • Liver and kidney function • Healthy immune system • Cellular metabolism • Softer hair and skin • Body alkalinity • Weight loss 

Economical and simply effective

Magnation Technology requires less maintenance than a water softener or RO system. It will extend the life of RO membranes and optimizes any type of water. It’s a one-time purchase, no monthly fees and it’s eco-friendly.

Magnation products

• Hydrabolt funnel for countertop use

• Springbolt for DIY and portable use

• Powerband bracelets and bottle wraps

• Soft Rain for showers

• Entire home and garden systems for main water line

• Water heater & appliance enhancement

• Turfbolt for veggie gardens


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What does water do for you?

1 > Supports the brain in manufacturing hormones and neurotransmitters, impacting the entire body

2 > Forms saliva (digestion)

3 > Regulates body temperature (sweating and respiration)

4 > Allows body’s cells to grow, reproduce and survive

5 > Acts as a shock absorber for brain and spinal chord

6 > Flushes body waste

7 > Converts food to components needed for survival (digestion)

8 > Lubricates joints

9 > Water is the major component of most body parts

10 > Helps deliver oxygen all over the body

It makes sense to optimize your water to life-giving, biologically-active water by Magnation!

Magnation delivers life-giving hydration and more dissolved oxygen, leveraging physics to invigorate electrons and increase bioavailability with better pH balance to support better health.  Water that offers higher dissolved oxygen content stimulates the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut, where your immune system lives. With beneficial flora supported in your intestinal tract, understanding the impact of how dissolved oxygen supports a healthy microbiome is a game changer in your personal health, and collectively our global health. The overall end result includes optimal bioavailability and hydration of cells supporting better cellular metabolism, oral health, and support of digestive, nervous, lymphatic and urinary tract systems.

Magnation Water Technologies transforms city water, tap water and well water into pure water.  The technology breaks down salts of hard water to smaller particles held in solution and optimizes the flow.  As a result, you have the best water for personal hydration.

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Wellness and Hydration Applications


Improving hydration strengthens your body’s ability to detoxify, balance your body’s pH, and increase vitality with enhanced electrical energy. Improve nutrient absorption, and deliver more dissolved oxygen with Magnation.

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Your skin is your body’s largest organ and easily absorbs water—and it’s contaminants along for the ride. Reduce chlorines with physics. Love your body inside and out, and upgrade to life-giving water by Magnation!

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Healthy Garden

Nutrient dense homegrown food is one thing that’s earned. Why not irrigate your garden for the healthiest soils you can achieve, naturally? From seed to ripe crops, your harvest will yield healthier foods with stronger plant vigor.

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Clean produce more effectively with soft water. Boil food in healthier, life-giving water to invigorate your soups, pastas, rice and more. And don’t forget that morning tea or coffee.

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Oral health

Magnetized water for preventing cavities, plaque, gingivitis and dry mouth. As the gateway to our body, oral health is a fundamental part of our well being. Reduce plaque by 42% and smile big!

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Less chemicals

Reduce detergents, chemicals and soaps by 50% when your water is softer! Get that hotel-fresh clean in your linens, less spots on your dishes and shower doors, and all around healthier, greener home.

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The Magnation Value Proposition



Harmony within and with nature is the path to ease. Be sustainable in every way.



Zero filters, energy, chemicals or byproducts. Easy on your time and your wallet.



Enhance any water system for more bioavailable water. Smart body, you.

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