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Salt-free, eco-friendly home water system

Magnation is an emerging leader in providing innovative water solutions for the home. Magnation offers a salt-free eco-friendly home water system that requires zero maintenance, reduces TDS’s and cuts use of detergents and chemicals by 50%.

Home benefits include soft water with a reduction/reversal of scale build up and biofilm mitigation, healthier water for drinking, less residue on bathroom fixtures, healthier skin and hair and lower costs in swimming pool maintenance. Garden benefits include deeper water penetration into the soil, water conservation, better quality gardens and plant vigor.

Magnation has been the top-of-class for salt-free water conditioning and softening since 2008. Awarded for innovative designs and sustainability, Magnation has developed some of the smartest and most effective ways to give people the quality of water they desire for everyday living.

Product features & benefits

• Salt-free water softening

• Mitigate biofilm, mineral scale, bacteria inside pipes

• Zero maintenance

• Zero electricity

• Zero by-products

• 2-year money back guarantee

• Install once and you’re done for a decade

• Eco-friendly

Condition, Correct, Balance your Water, Don't just Soften it

Conditioners, as opposed to traditional water softeners, do not remove mineral ions, but they do prevent those ions from building up around the insides of pipes, on the heating element, nozzles, and plumbing fixtures. This solves one of the major problems hard water presents without adding salt. Hence, no-salt softener. But conditioning does more! It can address biological contaminants, which traditional salt softeners don’t. Water conditioners can break up biofilm so that it doesn’t adhere to surfaces.

From city water to well sources, the quality of water around the world tends to be hard, and softening is needed. Magnation softens water without adding salts, electricity, membranes, or maintenance. Some hard water facts:

Showerheads on hard water lost 75% of flow rate in less than 18 months

Tankless water heaters failed after only 1.6 years on hard water. On soft water they maintained original factory rating. Operating costs were also 34% less on 20 gpg water.

Gas water heaters are up to 24% more cost efficient on soft water

Electric water heaters can accumulate as much as 30 lbs of rock shortening the life of the heating element

You can use 50% less soap and detergent with soft water. Hard water makes soap work harder.

~ 2009 Battelle Study, Water Quality Research Foundation

The downsides of salt softeners, which Magnation circumvents, are water waste, (excess minerals need to be flushed out and require adding salt to keep it working), the elimination of ongoing maintenance, and financial cost savings. Traditional salt softeners are also environmentally damaging and unhealthy to humans and other animals.

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Healthy and Efficient Water Solutions for Applications Throughout Your Home


Clean produce more effectively with soft water. Boil food in healthier, life-giving water to invigorate your soups, pastas, rice and more. Enjoy cleaner dishes and glassware with less hard water spots, too!

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Drinking Water

Better tasting coffee and tea, hands down. We guarantee it.

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Ice Machines

Better tasting ice. Better water, ice tea, lemonade and cocktails. Never underestimate the flavor of your ice!

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Lather more easily, cut soaps in half, reduce chlorines, and enjoy a luxuriously soft water that keeps your skin and hair at its healthiest. Less residue makes for easy cleaning, too.

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Cleaner and brighter linens. Cut detergents in half with more soluble, soft water. Gentler on the environment and your pocketbook. Fancy that.

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Happy House Plants

Bioavailability of water nourishes your plants from the root zone. Keep them happiest with high quality water by Magnation.

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Swimming Pools and Water Features

Reduce chemical investments with improved solubility. Balance pH with less inputs. Solve algae blooms in water features. Keep pumps running smoothly with less energy.

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Nutrient dense homegrown food is one thing that’s earned. Why not irrigate your garden for the healthiest soils you can achieve, naturally? Your harvest will yield healthier foods with stronger plant vigor.

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Water Heater

Did you know? Tankless water heaters failed after only 1.6 years on hard water. On soft water they maintained original factory rating with 34% less energy. Gas water heaters are up to 24% more cost efficient with soft water. Electric water heaters can accumulate as much as 30 lbs of rock shortening its lifespan.

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Car Washing

Better clean, better shine. No more hard water spots on your ride! Keep those neighbors guessing.

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The Magnation Value Proposition


Maintenance free

One-time installation. Zero consumables or filters to replace. Eco-friendly.


Energy Conservation

Membrane-free, passive inline solutions require zero electricity to work.


Salt free

Paradigm shift: physics to solve water problems.

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