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Sediment Filter

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A 5-micron physical sediment filter allows the passage of clean water while blocking the passage of particles such as sand, pieces of iron, stones and other sediments.

Inside, specially engineered disks stop anything that’s 5 microns or bigger from getting through; the very thinnest human hair is several times larger and sand very much larger. 

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• Agriculture

• Turfgrass irrigation

• Commercial

• Industrial 

• Residential

Specs-Super Sediment Filter


• 12” by 5” – cylindrical

• Zero energy, consumables or maintenance

• Mechanical, in-line system

• Zero by-products

  2-year satisfaction money-back guarantee

Technical Specs

Super Sediment Filter™


Replace the cartridge filter sand and sediment traps (especially most well water systems) with a new and better way. When you might normally be replacing a traditional filter, you just turn a knob  to back-flush a Super Sediment Filter™ and it’s ready to start anew. No replacement parts needed!

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