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Better animal performance, biosecurity and sanitation rely on water quality

The energy of the water that makes up an animal’s composition will effect every aspect of it’s performance including heat stress resistance, disease resistance, heavier weights, and milk production. Water is the one critical factor all living things rely on for quality of life. Improve your water quality, solubility and bioavailability, and you have yourself a more profitable, happier herd.


Food demand will rise 2.2. billion over next 30 years

Current population is around 7.4 billion, and 2050 expected to be at 9.6 billion. The top four meat-eating countries in the world averaged over 200 pounds of chicken, beef, veal and pork per capita in a single year*. Coupled with the amount of fresh water available, a sustainable model includes maximizing every drop of water, both for carnivores and herbivores.

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Sustainable maintenance practices

Magnation also boosts your bottom line by improving equipment life, reducing chemicals, maintenance and downtime. Reduce, reverse and prevent mineral scale and resist corrosion. Better pressure and flow, with 20% less energy. Reduce biofilm, algae and bacterias for effective sanitization without excessive amounts of toxic chlorine. And very importantly, lowering Co2 emissions while nourishing a planet of people.

In summary, hydrated animals are healthier, more productive, less impact, and more profitable—with less maintenance. And better poop, too. Enjoy benefits season after season.

Magnation Water for Hydrated Animals

• Maximum hydration

• Improved animal welfare

• Boosted production and profits

• Improved heat stress resistance

• Stronger bone density

• Heavier weights

• Less antibiotics

• Lower mortality

• Improved sanitation

• Reduced operational costs

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Better Animal Performance, Biosecurity & Sanitation

Milk is made of 88% water and is the single most important nutrient requirement in your cows.  Milk production relies on hydration and nourishment. In addition to higher production, cows experience less stress, disease and mortality, with less need for antibiotics, and improving quality of life.


“We were spending upwards of $1,000-$3,000 in bleach every month trying to eliminate the coliform count and control algae growth. Now, we don’t use bleach at all. The only thing we changed was implementing the Magnation system. “Cleaning labor went from 8-9 hours a week down to 3 hours a week. We’re able to just brush any residue away instead of applying chemicals. We’re saving 300 hours a year, at $15 bucks an hour, that’s $4,500 in labor savings this year alone. Magnation is saving us money.” ~ Gooike Dijkstra, Dairy Farmer, Random Lake, WI


“There’s a difference between your cows having enough water and being hydrated. With Magnation, our cows are more hydrated with less water. They’re better able to handle all kinds of stress including heat stress…all summer long it’s been better than it’s ever been before. The overall water quality in the whole system really does make a difference.” ~ Weibe Dijkstra, Dairy Farmer, Random Lake, WI


“We have decided to install Magnation’s Aquabolt equipment, which is helping us improve water conditions, and is making it more suitable for our birds to consume. In this way, it becomes more productive for our company and we are reducing costs. We no longer buy water from our suppliers.”  ~ Percy Flores, Peru


“Poultry House #2 is outperforming the other houses by 7,500 to 15,000 pounds using the Magnation System.” ~ Mark Litman, Seville, OH


“My cattle look healthier, my corn is looking really great and my water tastes better.” ~ Gerry Konan, Juniata, NE

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Best in Class Water Solutions for Ag

Irrigation Management

Magnation products are ideal for all types of irrigation, from local organic farms to large scale farming. Turbulator is the solution for all main arteries and irrigation pipes 4″ diameter and up delivering water via pivots, drip, sprinklers, wheels or flood for deep root irrigation. One-time post-pump installation, zero maintenance or electricity required. Learn More

Greenhouse Farming & Hydroponics

Aquabolt and Rainbolt are perfect for greenhouses with smaller pipes and emitters. Keep them clean and easy to maintain with optimal spray patterns and foliar absorption, while improving soil health, plant quality and boosting yields. Learn More

Seed Treatment Methods

Farmers know faster emergence means a healthier yield. Magnation naturally boosts germination properties and growth, improves uniformity and promotes earlier harvest ripening. Adapted for seeders, manual and large scale applications. Learn More

Fertigation & Spraying

Magnation reduces surface tension and viscosity, allowing for superior foliar application. Reduce runoff, drift and protect your water table more effectively without compromising your plants nutritional needs. Better mixing and solubility. Learn More

Water Pump Performance

Boost pump performance by 10% with less friction in your water. Extend the life of your equipment, reduce maintenance and downtime. Save up to 25% on pumping costs. Learn More

Well Water Treatment Systems

Rainbolt Well prevents the locking up of pumps. Solve iron bacteria, scale buildup, rust, and hard water issues at the first point of entry. Reduce pumping costs by 15%. Improve pressure and flow. Eliminate harsh cleaning chemicals. Learn More

Manure Management

Magnation is creating new opportunities in sustainability and water science technology for Manure and Slurry Management. Farm animals drinking Magnation water results in healthier absorption and gut system, resulting in better stacking and a reduction in nitrates. Learn More

Livestock, Dairy and Poultry

Livestock, Dairy and Poultry experience better weight consistency and boosted immunity with Magnation’s hydrating water. Better stacking of manure. Easier sanitation. Mitigate mineral scale and its bio-hazardous impacts. Learn More


Dissolved oxygen improves the vitality, growth and weight of farmed fish in containers. Magnation Rainbolt optimizes the environment for the fish, and assuages unwanted bacterial and algae growth. Learn More

Fuel Treatment

Save 10% in fuel consumption for all your tractors and moving farm equipment. Springbolt wraps around your fuel line while pumping and improves the efficiency of the fuel, saving money, time and CO2 emissions. Learn More

The Magnation Value Proposition for Water Management


Innovative Water Solutions

Magnation is the global leader in innovative physical water conditioning, correcting and rehabilitating previously unusable or low quality water for healthier soils, planet and bottom line.



Maintenance-free, energy-free and chemical-free. Zero need for electricity, changing membranes or adding anything. Passive inline solutions deliver year after year.


Fast, high and reliable ROI

Typical return on investment is within the first year, then year after year enjoy the water, energy and chemical savings while adding on bigger yields.

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