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  • Navigating environmental regulatory compliance can be a colossal task. There are chasms in the global collaboration, as standards in the U.S. and other parts of the world vary.

    Learning from advances in Europe, there is a collaborative emphasis on environmental, social and governance (ESG), bringing into focus well being and success beyond financial measurements. Right now, U.S. companies only need to report on ESG aspects that impact financial performance. This makes ESG more about risk than opportunity. When we look at ESG as opportunity, it offers market “hot spots” worth up to US$12 trillion a year in business savings and revenue in four examined economic systems by 2030. These markets are Food and Agriculture, Cities, Energy, Materials, and Health and Wellbeing. (Better Business, Better World Report, 2017).

    The full extent of ESG as an opportunity is yet to be fully captured. A way to unlock this opportunity in your business is through embedding the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into business strategies. These global goals are an evidence-based way of measuring impact to create a world where we value people and nature. They help businesses and governments make better decisions.

    Right now, the SDGs are used more by big business and governments. When small businesses like ours start working with them, we:

    • amplify our ability to influence big business through the supply chain

    • give ourselves the competitive edge

    • showcase the positive impact of our business decisions

    • start to influence government with our united voice

    The Magnation mission is focused primarily on SDG6: Ensure access to clean water and sanitation.

    “Water does not need to be a problem – it can be part of the solution.”

    Audrey Azoulay, Director-General: UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

    Water is a basic human right. It is our responsibility to adapt how we use water every year so that we use just the right amount. Water is the new gold. We cannot waste a drop.

    While the Magnation mission is to solve complex water challenges, we believe in an Earth system approach to protecting and rehabilitating our environment. That’s why we integrated more than one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our business strategy.

    We’ve learned a lot through integrating them into our business. Here’s how you can get started on your own journey.



Connect with SDGs that are already part of your business model

The SDGs are 17 complex goals that highlight what we need to do to create a sustainable future for all live in Earth. Trying to understand the goals and how they work is challenging. Their strength is that they bring together the environment, society and the economy into one. Their weakness is that they are written in the language of academia and corporate.

At Magnation, we identified 5 SDGs that are part of our business right now:

SDG Goals

SDG goals logo

Share existing knowledge and benefits within your business

As part of our commitment to SDG17: Partnership for the goals, we want to help others who have the same goals to work with them more effectively. Here’s all the links you’ll need to start embedding the same goals into your business.

SDG6: Clean water and Sanitation

Enhanced sanitation through Magnation process mitigates opportunities for problematic scale, biofilm and unwanted bacteria to grow offering a chemical-free alternative to sanitary practices and clean water standards.

Magnation Water Technologies Data & Research
Discover the evidence behind how we can help you realize this goal in your business

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Wellness through better hydration, impacting all aspects of well-being. Offered as commercial product, and supportive of people in need through charity donations.

World Economic Forum
Explore how to improve mental health in the workplace

SDG7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Magnation reduces friction in the water, making easier-to-move water. The impact this has on pumping energy is significant. 10%-42% less energy needed to deliver water for it’s uses. Environment and Energy Leader 2020 Top Product judges claim “A superior product that hits the mark relative to energy savings standards worthy of recognition.

CBN Expert Dashboard
Measure and manage your organisation’s carbon footprint and identify the steps you need to take to reduce your emissions

World Green Building Council
Identify how you can make your buildings highly energy efficient and fully powered from renewable energy

SDG12: Responsible Consumption and Production

Soft water is also more productive water, requiring less of it to permeate into soils saving 10-30% in irrigation water. Due to enhanced solubility, less water chemicals are needed for more sustainable practices in any industry. And with easier-to-move water, less energy demand is a requirement for sustainability.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation
Understand how you can remove waste and pollution, keep your products and materials in use and help regenerate natural systems

SDG17: Partnership for the Goals 

Magnation is open to alliances who support the missions and visions of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Net Zero Community
Emerging from Scotland, we are helping to develop the community in San Francisco to amplify business collaborations in pursuit of the SDGs

Wellbeing Economy Alliance
The SDGs are what will create an economy that helps people and planet thrive

UN Global Compact
The largest business sustainability network in the world

Earth connected coaching and training to embed SDGs into your business and transform the way you work in harmony with the Earth


Talk about your successes in terms of the SDGs

We then took what we already know and how we work with our clients and matched them against the SDGs. Here is a brief summary of the positive impact we made in 2020

Water & Energy Conservation : with 30,000 installations, we are making a healthy dent into saving resources globally.

Charity:Water : Monthly support, and 2 fundraising campaigns to provide wells to communities serving thousands of people in Ethiopia (2015) and Mali (2020).

DigDeep : Monthly support


Share resources that you’ve found helpful with others

As part of our commitment to SDG17: partnership for the goals, we want to help others who have the same goals to work with them more effectively. Here’s all the links you’ll need to start embedding the same goals into your business.

SDG 3: Healthy lives and wellbeing for all ages

SDG6: Clean water and Sanitation

SDG7: Affordable and Clean Energy

SDG12: Responsible Consumption and Production

SDG17: Partnership for the Goals

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Value Proposition

Magnation’s innovative water treatment maximizes water’s potential leveraging engineered designs that mimic nature, resulting in lower operating costs while solving  tough water issues— while reducing chemical requirements, energy consumption, impact and maintenance.


Water restrictions
High TDS
Anti-scale & anti-corrosion
Algae, biofilm
Energy savings
Pressure and flow
Water conservation

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