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Turbulator is the big gun in water conditioning, scaled-up within a flanged system for high-impact results: reduced salinity, reduced coefficient of friction of water against pipe walls, improved pH neutralization, reduced VOCs, reduced iron bacteria, reduced chlorides and more. Custom-fabricated Turbulator installations can handle requirements up to the scale of municipal water supplies for water lines 4″ and larger.

Drought dropping your aquifer? Turbulator lets you achieve better results with less water. It can’t stop the drop in the aquifer, but it can buy you time. Your aquifer will get lower slower – without compromising your crop.

Fast ROI. Two year money back guarantee.

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– Mineral scale mitigation and water hardness control

– Irrigation: improved soil and plant health, water and energy conservation

– Animal husbandry: healthier animals, yields, sanitation

– Cleaning: Improved sanitation and biosecurity

– Seed treatment: better germination rates & plant vigor

– Spraying: improved solubility and better mixing

– Natural gas & oil, mining

– Well drilling, better mud mixing

– Pump flow inducement with better performance

– Well efficiency, scale and corrosion mitigation

– Wastewater: better effluent water

– Better flow with less energy




• Patented 5-stage vortexing system for optimal turbulence and separation

• Made with 316 stainless steel or aerospace anodized aluminum

• Product requires zero salts/chemicals, energy or maintenance

• Passive, in-line system with modular configuration

• Proudly designed and made in USA with 100% US materials



– Improves operational costs in many ways

– Save 10-25% water

– Save 10-42% pumping energy

– Save 10% and more in chemicals

– Chemical-free

– Zero by-products

– Zero electricity needed

– Maintenance-free after installation

– 2-year satisfaction money-back guarantee

– Fast ROI



The Magnation Process

Magnation’s Turbulator™ is a device that performs the functions of applying magnetic technology which encapsulates the physics of interaction between a magnetic field and a fluid. The magnetic field exerts a force on the charged species in the fluid and redirects the orientation of the charged species, which produces physiochemical changes in the fluid. This results in a lighter density of the water/softer water, and contributes substantially to reduced consumption of energy and chemical resources, leading to cost savings and environmental improvements. The applications for magnetic fluid conditioning technology are wide-ranging and the magnitude of cost savings and environmental impact reductions are vast.


Top Product of the Year

One judge said of the Turbulator “I believe this product hits the mark relative to energy savings standards worthy of recognition. It states a 42% savings on pumping costs alone, to say nothing of what water efficiency must be due to the promise of less water runoff and less evapotranspiration. I believe this product to be a huge success in the marketplace.”

Another added, “”Based on the entry, this is a very effective and useful product.”

The Environment + Energy Leader Awards is a program recognizing excellence in products and services that provide companies with energy and environmental benefits, and in projects implemented by companies that improved environmental or energy management and increased the bottom line.

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