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Soft water

Soft Rain™ will remove chlorine, bacteria, viruses, and calcium and magnesium which will make your water softer for healthier skin and hair. Install between your existing showerhead and the water line so you can keep your existing showerhead and enjoy the options it offers. 


Lather easier

Soft water lathers easier, and you can use 50% less shampoos and body washes to cut through grease and dirt with better solubility. Healthier for you, with less impact on the environment and your wallet.


Eliminate mineral scale and biofilm

Soft Rain™ will removes calcium and magnesium which is left on the surface of your fixtures and interior of pipes. With mineral scale comes pockets of cavitation that can foster growth of bacteria inside your pipes. Let Magnation do the invisible work for you for a healthier bathing experience. Save money and time by extending the life of your fixtures and pipes, too.

Soft Rain benefits

• Solve hard water issues without slimy salts

• Keeps nozzles free of mineral buildup

• Use less soaps and shampoos

• Softer skin and hair

• Remove chlorine

• Easy installation


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Better Bathing

Magnation water technologies transforms city water, tap water and well water into pure water for bathing.  The technology breaks down salts of hard water to smaller particles held in solution and optimizes the flow.  As a result, you have the best water for bathing, showering, hand washing and personal hygiene.

Magnation water in your home adds healthy benefits to your overall wellness and fitness, including your skin, cardiovascular system, joints and musculature, kidneys, and much more.

Magnation water systems improve the physical performance of all your plumbing fixtures.  Magnation offers a full line of products to optimize your residential water system.  If you are on a septic system, Magnation water is especially effective in reducing the nitrates in wastewater.

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Wellness and Hydration Applications


Improving hydration strengthens your body’s ability to detoxify, balance your body’s pH, and increase vitality with enhanced electrical energy. Improve nutrient absorption, and deliver more dissolved oxygen with Magnation.

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Your skin is your body’s largest organ and easily absorbs water—and it’s contaminants along for the ride. Reduce chlorines with physics. Love your body inside and out, and upgrade to life-giving water by Magnation!

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Healthy Garden

Nutrient dense homegrown food is one thing that’s earned. Why not irrigate your garden for the healthiest soils you can achieve, naturally? From seed to ripe crops, your harvest will yield healthier foods with stronger plant vigor.

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Clean produce more effectively with soft water. Boil food in healthier, life-giving water to invigorate your soups, pastas, rice and more. And don’t forget that morning tea or coffee.

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Oral health

Magnetized water for preventing cavities, plaque, gingivitis and dry mouth. As the gateway to our body, oral health is a fundamental part of our well being. Reduce plaque by 42% and smile big!

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Less chemicals

Reduce detergents, chemicals and soaps by 50% when your water is softer! Get that hotel-fresh clean in your linens, less spots on your dishes and shower doors, and all around healthier, greener home.

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The Magnation Value Proposition



Harmony within and with nature is the path to ease. Be sustainable in every way.



Zero filters, energy, chemicals or byproducts. Easy on your time and your wallet.



Enhance any water system for more bioavailable water. Smart body, you.

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