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Commercial Water Management

Magnation’s Water Solutions are focused on water and energy conservation, sustainable practices, and educating all stakeholders in water management.  Our goal is clean water, so that everyone benefits. Our green initiatives are eco-friendly.  Whether you are concerned with landscape irrigation, sanitation, drinking water, good hygiene or educating your employees, we are ready and willing to be at your side with our water expertise.

Magnation’s chemical-free technologies descale lines, conditions and corrects water problems, all with zero maintenance. This means better water quality, energy efficiency, biosecurity and extends equipment life for sustainable and efficient facilities.

Motivated to accelerate your LEED upgrade or certification? Ready to save up to 42% in energy for HVAC? Ready to reduce maintenance with chemical-free water conditioning? Let’s talk.


Commercial descaler for Facilities

• Membrane-free wastewater treatment and water reuse

• Healthier drinking water and ice making

• Kitchen, laundry and cleaning

• Landscape irrigation

• Sanitation



Aquabolt treatment improves facility operations with better water quality, water and energy efficiency, biosecurity and reduced maintenance costs.

Scale reduction, removal and prevention is a fast and reliable promise with Magnation. Extend pump, pipes and equipment life, extend maintenance interval time, saving money on labor costs and reduced downtime, and maximize your chemical investments. Exceed sanitation standards and shine with sustainability.

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Facility Water Management


Sustainable water solutions for commercial chillers, cooling towers, boilers, pumps and pipes for a healthy and comfortable environment. Reduce maintenance and down time. Solve hard water problems sustainably, never use acid washes again and protect your workers.

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Sanitation and Hygiene

Pools, fountains, and water features are all part of what makes your facility shine. Upgrade spas, steam saunas and spa services. Improve the efficacy of your detergents, achieve higher standards of sanitation, and reduce costs.

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Drinking Water and Ice Machines

Better tasting, healthier and life-giving drinking water and ice for healthier people, environment and business. Thrive with better hydration and productivity. Reduce maintenance and extend life of membrane filters.

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Commercial Kitchen

Better tasting coffee and teas. Elevate the restaurant experience. Reduce spots for cleaner dishes, cups, glasses and silverware with Magnation.

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Cleaner linens with less impact on our environment. Reduce detergents and uplevel sustainable practices while meeting today’s standards of cleanliness.

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Cleaning Services

General property maintenance and cleaning including windows, floors, and walkways can be cleaned with ease. Less chemicals required to get your surface at its cleanest, using sustainable practices.

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Landscape Irrigation System

Everyone wants an eco-friendly environment! Water conservation achieved with irrigation cut by 20% while improving soil and plant vitality. Reduce fertilizers and conditioning chemicals from 10-100%. Prettier and healthier environments made sustainable by Magnation!

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Wastewater & Reuse

Eco-friendly water recycling with membrane-free Magnation devices reduces and eliminate airborne odor and gases while influencing the biological properties through the improvement of bacterial activity. Improve separation, flow and energy efficiency. Sustainable water reuse was never so easy.

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The Magnation Value Proposition


Maintenance free

One-time installation. Zero consumables or filters to replace.


Energy free

Membrane-free, passive inline solutions require zero electricity to work.


Chemical free

Paradigm shift: physics to solve water problems.

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