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Resolve extreme saline water with Magnation’s double-duty Aquabolt™. Aquabolt’s static mixing with double Rainbolt magnetic treatments amplifies vortexing technology, invigorating and liberating previously bonded molecules for a more productive, active and life-giving water with strong polarization that prevents the binding of minerals for water softening.

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– Mineral scale mitigation and water hardness control

– Irrigation: improved soil and plant health

– Water and energy conservation

– Cleaning: Improved sanitation and biosecurity

– Pump flow inducement with better performance

– Wastewater: better effluent water

– Better flow with less energy

– Facilities


– Drinking Water & Ice Machines

– Commercial kitchens

– Commercial laundry

– Irrigation systems

– Greenhouses & hydroponics

– Residential




• 3 and 5-stage vortexing system for optimal turbulence and separation

• Made with 316 stainless steel, aerospace anodized aluminum, PVC and HDPE

• Product requires zero salts/chemicals, energy or maintenance

• Passive, in-line system with modular configuration

• Proudly designed and made in USA with 100% US materials




– Save 10-42% pumping energy

– Save 10-25% water

– Save 10% and more in chemicals

– Chemical-free

– Zero by-products

– Zero electricity needed

– Maintenance-free after installation

– Improves operational costs in many ways

– 2-year satisfaction money-back guarantee




Aquabolt Trifold PDF


Zero Maintenance. Fast ROI.

Install once, condition, correct and balance your water for years to come.

Guaranteed results. Check out our 2 year money back guarantee.



Case Study: The Gap

Engineers at The Gap Inc. 5-story commercial building affirm Magnation as saving energy and water with less blowdown and evap credits.

Read it here

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