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Wastewater Management

Magnation science provides a more efficient water resource that removes TDS from hard water and removes the buildup of mineral scale on equipment, ferrous bacteria and a shorter lifespan.  Increased water flow with better pressure due to friction loss produces greater efficiency, and a more productive outcome.



Worker safety has always been a priority.  Exposure of the workforce to toxic solvents and acid washers requires close attention to OSHA rules and regulations.  Magnation has a solution that maintains high quality standards and is eco-friendly.


Big Savings

Initiatives to use 10-50% less chemicals due to increased solubility and solvency results in substantial savings in money, water and energy.  Simple installation results in lessened downtime of equipment.


Magnation Water Conditioning

• Minimize waste generation

• Anti-scale and anti-corrosion

• Reduce pump energy from 25-42%

• Reduced friction, better water flow with less energy

• Better solubility: use less chemicals and better mixing

• Increased dissolved oxygen

• Extended equipment longevity

• Reduced maintenance

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By changing the physical and biological properties of wastewater, Magnation water technology is in an ideal position to make a difference. Paper + Pulp industries consumes tremendous amounts of resources, including wood and water. As a result, large quantity of solid wastes and wastewater need to be treated.  The industry has developed a keen focus on environmental protection, particularly with elemental chlorine and effluent.

Magnation water conditioning systems transforms the water at the initial point of use by decreasing the surface tension and viscosity of water, flow increases and stresses on piping and equipment decrease.  The technology decreases TDS with the efficient and effective decrease of weighed particle size and reduction of magnesium, chlorides, sulfates, hydrocarbons, calcium, nitrates, phosphorus, oils, sodium & potassium to more acceptable levels.

Magnation improves the efficiency and efficacy of these wastewater treatment processes

• Sedimentation, aeration and filtration to remove insoluble particles and contaminants
• Reverse osmosis and membranes to remove salts
• Biological processes to break down soap, oils and food
• Chemicals such as chlorine and ozone to kill bacterial and purify water
• Solid-liquid separation through the use of a centrifuge or other equipment
• Significantly reduce scale with zero chemicals, electricity or consumables

Rather than use chemicals to remove struvite and mineral scale, Magnation Water Technologies reverse scale buildup through magnetics and turbulence. Because Magnation water conditioning technologies decrease the surface tension and viscosity of water, flow increases and stresses on piping and equipment decrease. As a result, wastewater treatment systems require less energy, maintenance and downtime for optimal operation while also extending equipment life as well as extending the life of membranes and consumables.


Magnation chemical-free water systems improve water quality, reduce scale, and move water and liquids faster with less energy. Magnation water conditioning systems efficiently and effectively decrease weighed particles size and reduce quantities of magnesium, chlorides, sulfates, hydrocarbons, calcium, nitrates, phosphorus, oils, sodium + potassium to more acceptable levels. Improve the quality of effluent water and improve your sustainability factors with Magnation.

Magnation water technology accelerates solid sedimentation, improves the collection of fine particulates, decreases dissolved solids, reduces sludge digestion time and significantly decreases scale. Less chemicals are used and it’s eco-friendly.

2020 Top Product winner

Environment + Energy Leader Top Product Winner. 2-year money back guarantee. A+ rating on BBB. Since 2008.

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Best in Class Water Solutions for Industrial Applications

Cooling Towers, Chillers, Boilers, HVAC

Water conditioning for mineral scale and corrosion control for cooling towers, chillers and boilers. Solve hard water problems that impact scale, corrosion, salinity, acidity, pH and iron for better water efficiency.

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Pulp + Paper

Improve solubility and increase the amount of oxygen available for producing paper and pulp. Water becomes lighter with less friction resulting in easier-to-move liquids that use less energy to move it.

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Oil + Gas

Dramatically reduce water hardness and significantly reduce scale from pipelines and equipment without the use of chemicals or acid washes. Boost efficiency in drilling, processing , and hydaulic fracturing with applied physical liquid dynamics.

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Improve operational efficiency by 20% by reducing water consumption with less contamination, solve high TDS water and improve froth flotation and separation for mining. Better mud mixing for drilling.

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Food + Beverage

Eliminate hard water problems. Solve biofilm, bacteria, odors and synergistic toxicity. Water conservation. Energy conservation. Better solubility. Better spray. Less maintenance. Reduce downtime.

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Environmentally friendly wastewater solutions. Improve separation, and the quality of effluent water. Accelerates solid sedimentation, improve the collection of fine particulates, decrease dissolved solids, reduce sludge digestion time and significantly decrease scale.

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The Magnation Value Proposition for Water Management


Innovative Water Solutions

Magnation is the global leader in innovative physical water conditioning, correcting and rehabilitating previously unusable or low quality water for healthier soils, planet and bottom line.



Maintenance-free, energy-free and chemical-free. Zero need for electricity, changing membranes or adding anything. Passive inline solutions deliver year after year.


Fast, high and reliable ROI

Typical return on investment is within the first year, then year after year enjoy the water, energy and chemical savings while adding on bigger yields.

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