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Triple Play Home Water Conditioner

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Stops scale, reduces acidity, smooths water

Your plumber installs this on your incoming 3/4” or 1” water line (before the water heater) and it starts conditioning. If you have a water softener brine tank, your plumber can bypass or remove that, and you can take its salt pellets off your shopping list forever.

• Nothing else to buy – no bags of salt, no electricity, no consumables
• Never adds and always reduces scale in pipes and fixtures
• Helps pipes last for generations without repairs or replacements – shower heads, too
• Tames and delivers calcium that’s good for pipes, plants and people
• Releases rich lathers and suds
• Water’s just wet without the slickness that softeners impose

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Treat entire home at the incoming pipe. Or amplify areas of your plumbing for greater effect on your pipes, appliances and fixtures.


Did you know you can solve hard water issues with a one-time installation, and that’s it! Here’s some statistics you stand to gain by treating your water with Magnation.


• Showerheads on hard water lost 75% of flow rate in less than 18 months

• Tankless water heaters failed after only 1.6 years on hard water. On soft water they maintained original factory rating. Operating costs were also 34% less on 20 gpg water.

• Gas water heaters are up to 24% more cost efficient on soft water

• Electric water heaters can accumulate as much as 30 lbs of rock shortening the life of the heating element

• You can use 50% less soap and detergent due to improved solubility with soft water

Water Tamer Tech Specs

• Salt-free water softening

• Mitigate biofilm, mineral scale, bacteria inside pipes

• Zero maintenance

• Zero electricity

• Zero by-products

• 2-year money back guarantee

• Install once and you’re done for a decade

• Eco-friendly



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