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Model S Shower

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Better suds and lather in the shower! If your water isn’t conditioned, showers can feel filmy, not freeing. Add a Model S between your shower head and the 1/2″ pipe that feeds it for richer lathers, more luxurious shampoos and more satisfying showers. It also stops scale accumulation in the shower head and slowly reverses any that’s already there. Available in silver-nickel or gold-anodized finish.

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Amplify your bathing water with the Water Tamer Model S, a DIY solution for softening your water without salts, maintenance, or filters. A soft, healthy bathing experience with physics, and improve your flow, reduce chlorines and chloramines, use less shampoos and soaps.




Water Tamer Tech Specs


• Salt-free water softening

• Zero maintenance

• Zero electricity

• Zero by-products

• 2-year money back guarantee

• Install once and you’re done for a decade

• Eco-friendly


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